Sunday, November 23, 2008

How to Get a Girl to be Your Girlfriend

Some people think that you can use just about any pick-up line to get a girl. Unfortunately it's much deeper than that. Read these easy steps and you are on your way to finding that perfect girl.

Courage. Most boys or some boys have a problem with speaking to the opposite sex. Actually, speaking to a girl is easy enough. Just shut out that little voice that says you can't do it. You can do it.

Style. Most girls won't date a dirty, grungy, ugly dude. Take into account what she seems to like based on her own style, but don't totally ignore your own personal preferences just to impress her. Fix yourself up. Comb or brush your hair. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Smell good. Keep your own style. If it's a bit off, make jokes about it. Let her know when you know something is off or different, but that it's just a part of you. Don't change it: she might think it's cute. And in all of this please remember to laugh and have fun.

The Approach. You only get one chance at a first impression, so make it good. Don't use any cheesy pick-up lines...those almost never work. First, before approaching a girl do the "Breath Check." This is performed by cupping your hands together over your mouth and breathing into your hands and smelling your breath. Next, walk up to her and talk about how your cousin has the the same earrings as her and after a good conversation ask, "If I asked you to be my girlfriend, would you say yes?". If she says yes, that's good; if she says maybe, that's a yes and she's too shy to say yes or it might mean that she just doesn't want to hurt your feelings by saying no; and if she says no, leave her alone and don't worry.

Let her talk. Rember girls love to talk!

Be honest. Remember to say what you feel.

If all else fails, just walk away and be deliberate. Relax, take your time. You'll have plenty more chances to try again with another person. Just make sure you learn from your mistakes!

Don't be a "Backstreet Boy". Girls don't like these guys who wait for the girls to come to them, do it yourself. You are the one that likes the girl, correct?

Ask her to do something nice and "cute". Girls love eating ice cream, going to the beach, or going to amusement parks. Bring her a surprise gift, like flowers or something you know she likes.

Be humble. Yes, although it is good to show your abilities and get some recognition from a girl, many girls dislike it when you act too belligerent, all-mighty, or think you are just too good for your own.

Pay attention to her. See what she likes; her music, her style, and learn about it. No matter what girl, she will always be flattered if you pick up on something she's into.

Communication is #1. If you can't talk comfortably to her, you probably aren't ready to ask her out yet. Get to know her a little first if you can.



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