Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jay Chou Death is a Fake News

Hari ini saya melihat banyak orang berkata salah satu penyanyi terkenal, Jay Chou meninggal dunia. Ternyata itu adalah sebuah kabar burung. Berikut merupakan berita yang dilansir dari :

Yesterday, firstly in Hong Kong there were rumours about Jay's father "Zhou Ren Shen" dying in prison from sickness, after that there was rumours about Jay dying in a car crash?

Yesterday night, Alfa Music record company received "Jay Chou dies in car crash? His performance in the Mainland China Central television night party has changed!" Receiving this call, the whole company was shocked, they quickly called Jay's mobile, and they discovered he was fine, he wasn't hurt at all, and he was filming a commercial in Beijing in -7 degrees. This article is translated by

Alfa Music record general manager Mr Yeung said: "Recently, online there was rumours about Zai Zai dying, now they are rumouring Jay dying in a car crash, it's nearly past the new year, hearing this kind of rumour, Jay will definitely be very angry, but he can't do anything about it. All he can do is laugh it off." Mr Yeung said that Jay is participating in the Central television night party on Chinese New Year's Eve, he will be performing "Dragon Fist" in front of a 3 hundred million audience, there has been no change.

As for Jay's father is "Zhou Ren Shen"? "It really is a lie" Mr Yeung clarified, Jay's father is a biology teacher in middle school, "If someone has the surname Zhou, then he has something to do with Jay, then Emil Zhou will change into Jay's brother, Zhou Gong (Chinese mythical character who is in charge of dreams) being his grandfather"

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